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   Shing Yip Gifts (Shenzhen)Ltd.Co. was founded in 1987. We specialize in manufacturing assorted types of module such as voice, melody, flashing and recordable. Modules can be either semi-finished or finished upon client request. Our products include sound modules used in Chidlren's sound books,musical cup, musical pen, keychain, annunciator, bottle opener, motion mechanism of plush toys, musical and voice greeting card, decorative box, photo frame and card with recording function. They are the best choice for gifts and promotional items because of their high quality and competitive price. We have exported products to Europe, America, south-east Asia, Japan and other overseas markets. We possess large-scale department of production, bonding, plastic injection, silk screen printing and metal parts. We also can explore and produce new products based on customer's requirement. Apart from supply standard products, we offer OEM service to customers with custom voice and melody chips to match special products.     Our company mission is to attain 'Customer Satisfaction' through providing 'Quality Assurance' for modules. Through years' endeavor, we won the affirmation of customer in character, quality, performance, price and service. Our company has been provided with perfect production quality controlling system and advanced management ideal, can match all customer's request of purchase on time, and offer the first class quality production and service. Owing to above reasons, we are now being a member of ICTI since June, 2006.



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