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One Corner of the Office
Production Department
Silk Screen Printing Department
Bonding Department
Plastic Injection Department
Factory Profile 

Total area of 8500 Square meter 

Located in Buji, Shenzhen Built in 1987

Staff Details

Production Staff - 600

QC Staff - 50

R&D Staff - 20

Sales: 10

Site Advantages/Description As we are devoted to providing you with the best quality products and service, our factory is equipped with advanced machinery and several production lines.

The factory's location is close to the highway making transportation time from the factory to the Hong Kong Forwarder's warehouse just within a few hours.

Materials/Components Sourced from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong

Machinery/Production Process

Our manufacturing ability can be gauged by the type of machinery and production facilities we have. Our factory has automated and advanced machinery as well as sophisticated computer equipment.

We have an in-house tooling and molding repair shop, plastic injection department and silkscreen department. This allows us to achieve consistent high quality, low cost and ensure fast, prompt delivery.

Safety/Quality Approval(s)




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Email: sales@shengyip.com

Add: 7th street South, Xiangmang West Road, Fugang village, Qingxi town, Dongguan city, China