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OEM Capability

If you're looking not just for a supplier but a stable OEM partner, Shengyip is the name you can trust. Our 10-year experience and knowledge has given us a clear understanding of our client needs.
Our factory dedicated to OEM manufacturing. Both factories are equipped with advanced machinery and several production lines necessary to meet huge volume orders. We also have R&D and QC staff to keep us up to date with the latest trends as well as to make sure that our output are only of first-class quality.
Nowhere else in the world can you find a better OEM partner than us. 
Number of Production Lines 
Size of Factory 
8,500 sq. ft.
Quality Standards & Approvals 
ICTI Approval
Certificate of Quality Licence for Export Products
Staff Details 
Production Staff - 600
QC Staff - 50
R&D Staff - 20
Years of OEM Experience 
Design Services Offered 
Sourced from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong
Machinery/Equipment for OEM 
Our factories are fully equipped with automated equipment and test facilities. We have an in-house tooling and molding repair shop, plastic injection department and silkscreen department.
Monthly Capacity 
1,200,000 pcs
Monthly Output 
Minimum Order 
10,000 pcs



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